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Can Imam Mahdi (AJ) hear and see us?


What is embarrassing for us is that Imam Mahdi (AJ) knows and hears about everything. The infallibles are like the seeing eyes and the hearing  ears of God. If a word is said, even before others in a meeting can hear it, they (infallibles) hear it. Why don’t you do something so that you see yourself always with Imam (AJ)?


If we cannot see him, he can see us, so why we are so far away? Shouldn’t we care that we have a leader who is witnessing our situation? How unfortunate we are if we do not consider him (Imam Mahdi (AJ)) as a witness everywhere, even though we believe that we have a leader who can see everything, can we escape from Divine Look or hide ourselves? What will we answer? [1]

[1] Mo’oud, Dua Faraj Davaye Hameh Dardha, The Grand Ayatollah Bahjat, Year 87, Number 94.