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About Us

In the Name of God

From the time the teachings of the Prophet Mohammad (May God’s peace be unto him and unto his Purified Family) filled the world with the light of the religion of Islam, up to the present day, there have been different readings and interpretations of this great world religion. Some have been opposed to Islam while others have taken positions which, though not necessarily in opposition to it, have nonetheless been incorrect interpretations of it; and all of these errors have arisen as a result of the failure to attain to the proper understanding of the religion and its true teachings. At the present time, where Islam is undoubtedly a major factor in the shaping of the lives of a large part of humanity and plays a significant role in world affairs, an innumerable number of people wade through the various viewpoints on Islam that are available in search of a trustworthy and reliable source of information from which they can glean the correct understanding of the true and actual teachings of Islam. This website is our attempt to provide a solution for this urgent need.

This website has been founded through the efforts of Moslem scholars from different parts of the world. Our first step has been to gather material from reliable sources on a variety of subjects within the teachings of Islam, taking a broad view of the subject at hand. The material will include different media, from books, articles and Q&A formats to audio and video presentations. In making our selections, we have striven to ensure that the content of the material is of a high caliber and that it reflects the true and unalloyed image of the noble teachings of Islam.

It is hoped that in the next stage, our site will be able, God willing, to provide spaces which allow for interactivity and the exchange of information by online users of the site in various formats, including chat rooms, user groups, and online and offline connectivity with specialists in the various sub-specialties of the Qoranic sciences. What we envision is a space where online users will be able to air their opinions and pose their questions in chat rooms and to receive reliable and trustworthy responses from the site’s resident specialists.

And in the third stage, we hope to be able to sponsor new projects which produce content that is responsive to the needs of the site’s members and users.

This website is in the initial stages of its journey and there can be no doubt that in order to develop and to reach our intended destinations we are in need of and will greatly benefit from the views, suggestions and constructive criticism of our members and users, all of which is hereby kindly requested.